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  1. Too bad this excellent effort of presenting notable Iranian fighter pilots viographies has been discontinued
  2. How accurate is this article?
  3. سلام

    ایام بکام


    لطفآ در پست شرکت و سؤالات خودتان را بپرسید

    اگر اجازه بدهید نفر بعدی روی صندلی داغ شما باشید

    خواهش میکنم جهت نشستن روی صندلی داغ با ناشناس عجیب عزیز تما بگیرید ممنونم



  4. Thank you Kalafe for sharing, is it possible to identify anyone?
  5. Nice photo, any identification of the pilots shown in the photo?
  6. Great info, thanks for sharing
  7. How is it possible for Iranian Forces to shoot down 4 planes on 21/091980 when the war started on 22/09/1980?
  8. The F-14 pilot is Hassan Najafi, RIO of Ahmad Moradi the day the latter defected
  9. If I remember correctly these were old battleships before Dreadnought breakthrough , and they were bough just after the start of World War 1, to redress the balance with the Turkish navy which had incorporated two ex-German battle cruisers who couldn't leave Turkey due to English blockade
  10. This is an undeniable fact Phoenix, sad but true, so true
  11. I would have never imagined that the sacrifices of the Greek Merchant Navy and the Naval forces during WW2 would appear in the forum. Thanks Panzerjager Fuhrer
  12. A question: what was the cause of those losses, Iraqi fighters in air battles or Iraqi Air defence and anti-aircraft Artillery? Did Iranian planes in addition to their primary role, claim any Iragi fighters as shot down during this massive operation?